Car donations are very generous thing and can impact lives of many people. There are many people who can’t afford a car and when you donate a car then they can take advantage of getting a car and using it.

 Now a days the Car donation is a hot news. It is due to one primary reason that by donating your car you can earn excellent tax benefits.
Legitimate car donation programs are still cropping up all over the world. The number of car donation programs has increased dramatically in recent years. Both the  individual tax payer and the 
The operating managers of car donation programs  are required to comply with tax laws of the land.
“A Charity’s Guide to Car Donations” describes  several different car donation programs. Filing and disclosure requirements for the charities operating the programs also given in the guide. If a charity operates a car donation program in a manner that confers improper
benefits on private parties, the charity’s exemption may be adversely affected. Therefore in order to be deductible, a donation must be made to a charity that has full control and discretion over the disposition or use of the donation. “A Donor’s Guide to Car Donations” provides information to taxpayers that they need to make sure they are donating their vehicle to a qualified organization. They must  receive a written acknowledgement from the charity, keep records and properly assess the fair market value of their vehicle.

Car Donation programs:
Many charities run their own car donation programs and sell the donated cars. There are also many processing companies, who collect and sell donated cars on behalf of different charities as per the instructions of the donor The processing companies may take a percentage  of the sale value of the car. Such of those charities who do not have facilities or dedicated staff  to automotive donation avail the services of such companies.. 

Three steps to donate a car
A donor may follow the following simple steps and donate his used car.
Step1:Now a days lot of information available on the internet that offer free information about donating a vehicle.  It is better to get the information from a third party before going to a company dealing with car donations. A lot of information on car donation can be found at Car Donations Online. It is a third party organisation with no financial ties to any charity or company dealing on car donations.

Step2: Locate a charity or non-profit organisation who  accept car donations..
There are a lot of charities  around the world who accept car donations and locate one suitable for your liking. Better to donate to a charity who support pro-life movements like cancer treatments, kidney transplantation etc.  like  movements
Step3:.Donate your car, after consulting a tax professional. .